WWE Alum Shannon Moore Recalls Growing Up With The Hardys, Early Career

During an appearance on the "Oh...You Didn't Know?" podcast, former WWE star Shannon Moore was asked to talk about the start of his wrestling career and the beginning of his relationship with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

"Matt and Jeff [Hardy], they were more fortunate than my family," Moore said. "They had a video camera and a trampoline in the backyard, so they started turning that into a wrestling ring. Not to go into all the details. You've heard that story a gazillion times, but basically, I become friends with Jeff. Me and Jeff would become best friends in middle school." 

"My family, they bought some land in Cameron [in North Carolina], and my dad cleared it by hand," Moore continued. "This traditional old-school countryman. We went down with the axes and chainsaws. We cleared the land. We put a house on there. And then Jeff used to hang out with the guys that were on the dirt road that we moved to. And when I met Jeff, it was natural. It was just chemistry."

Moore, who also mentioned that his return to WWE in 2006 was probably the worst decision he ever made in his life on "Road Dogg" Brian James' podcast, went on to say that he made many road trips with the Hardy brothers between 13 and 15 years old. The former WCW Hardcore Champion said that he and the Hardys bonded over the loss of family members. 

When it came to their pro wrestling training, Moore said that he, Matt, and Jeff just "figured it out" for themselves after learning some of the basics. The 44-year-old explained that he performed on wrestling shows in Nashville, Tennessee, during his mid-teens and got paid $40 per appearance.

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