Undertaker Returns As American Bad-Ass, Chokeslams Bron Breakker On WWE NXT

The teases of the "Dead Man" appearing on "WWE NXT" on Tuesday as it went head-to-head against "AEW Dynamite" ended up being true, but it wasn't the Undertaker's undead persona that made it to the ring on Tuesday. The WWE Hall of Famer rolled down the ramp, instead, confronting Bron Breakker on a motorcycle as "The American Bad-Ass."


Undertaker made his appearance after Breakker took out Carmelo Hayes following their match, which Breakker lost. The young star was the first to get on the mic against the Hall of Famer and asked if he understood there was only one badass around "NXT." While Breakker received "you f***ed up" chants from the crowd in the WWE Performance Center, Undertaker told Breakker that he had been watching him for a long time, and that one day he is going to be a special talent. But not today.

The legend then decked Breakker and got him up for a chokeslam as Hayes sat grinning in the corner. Undertaker got back on the mic to give Breakker a little advice, telling him there's always an older, bigger, badder badass waiting around the corner, and that he "just met the baddest of them all." Undertaker and Hayes then posed for the crowd as "NXT" went off the air.