Brie Garcia Reacts To AEW's Bryan Danielson Announcing Last Year Wrestling Full-Time

Since recovering from a broken arm, Bryan Danielson has been very open about how this upcoming year will be his last full-time year as a wrestler, as he looks to spend more time with his family. And for his wife Brie Garcia, herself a former wrestler known for her time in WWE as Brie Bella, this is good news.

On the latest episode of "The Nikki & Brie Show," Brie and Danielson discussed him winding down his career in order to have more time at home. Brie, while acknowledging it would be a blow to wrestling, couldn't hide how happy she would be to have Danielson back home, and how much it means for him to be around for both her and their children, Birdie and Buddy.

"For me, it's a little refreshing," Brie said. "I know it's hard for all wrestling fans, but this is your last year of wrestling full time ... It is crazy because I do notice the kids, they start to talk about it, like 'When's daddy coming home?' And they, especially Birdie, she's always like 'I just miss daddy. I just wish he could cuddle me and read to me.' So I feel like it's becoming hard on her."

"This is the first year where I'm starting to feel it too, where I'm just like 'Okay, this is getting a little hard.' And it's not even because it feels overwhelming to me, because I feel like I have it ... I don't know. The kids and I, we get each other ... So now I feel like it's getting easier with them. I'm in a good place with them, but it's just hard just [with] you not being part of it all."

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