Eric Bischoff Shares His Thoughts On WWE Pairing John Cena With LA Knight

With John Cena entering the home stretch of his illustrious career, every appearance from WWE's proclaimed "Greatest of All Time" is being savored by fans, and even more by his younger peers who previously never got to rub shoulders with him. One such talent is LA Knight, who, after wrestling for years in smaller promotions and the indies, finally broke into WWE's main roster last year, and most recently got to team with Cena at WWE Fastlane.

On "83 Weeks," Eric Bischoff explained Cena's late career contributions could prove invaluable to the company, especially for talents like Knight who need a nudge to reach the next level. "I love it," Bischoff said of the Cena-Knight pairing. "I dig what [LA Knight] is doing. I dig his character work. I think it's really, really intriguing. What I find most intriguing about him is the business of it, and in this case, this guy has been around for a minute. He's not someone who came through the system ... this guy has been around for a long time and he found his character."

Bischoff proceeded to compare Knight's journey to that of Steve Austin's, which included a brief pitstop in ECW, where Paul Heyman gave Austin the freedom to cut unscripted promos and find his character. "Steve found the Stone Cold part of his character while he was in ECW," Bischoff admitted. Although Austin started out as "The Ringmaster" in WWE, Bischoff noted that his work in ECW gave him the confidence to tap into the "Stone Cold" persona. Similarly, Bischoff believes Knight has "finally found the character" that could help him ascend to great heights in WWE. "It fits like a glove. I absolutely love it," Bischoff said of Knight's character. In conclusion, Bischoff stated that Knight's rise should serve as inspiration to other wrestlers toiling away on the indies. "It's good for business."