WWE's Dominik Mysterio And Damian Priest Discuss The Judgment Day's Leadership

After Edge was excommunicated from The Judgment Day, Finn Balor was widely seen as the leader of the group. But in recent months, Rhea Ripley has slipped into more and more of a ringleader position for the faction, leaving many fans to speculate just who exactly is calling the shots. During an appearance on WWE's "The Bump," Damian Priest revealed that the faction rotates their leadership responsibilities.

"Nobody really ever says Dom [is the leader], but it's interchangeable. We're all leaders," Priest said. "So they are right, [Rhea] is a leader. And I think Finn Balor is a leader. I'm a leader. I think we all share in that in that leadership role. Right now, [Rhea is] just taking more of it because we, obviously at times, don't act like ourselves ... Other times when Rhea was distracted and I was distracted," he continued, "Finn Balor stepped in. So that's the beauty about what we got going on, is that we could all lean on each other, and somebody is always going to step up and take that leadership role when it's needed."

"Dirty" Dominik Mysterio echoed similar sentiments later in the show, stating that while Ripley is the leader of his personal life, The Judgment Day — as a whole — operates as a family unit, taking in advisement from all members of the faction. Over the past several weeks though, Mysterio believes Ripley has offered up some compelling ideas, which, in turn, has rightfully designated her as the figure to execute those plans.

"I speak for myself, and the guys can say their own words, but I see no problem with [her handling business] because she consults all of us and it's a big family ordeal. There's no issues," Mysterio said.

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