Eric Bischoff Estimates Crossover Between WWE & AEW Audiences

The idea of a "casual wrestling fan" barely exists in 2023, and all the data points suggest that the same set of fans tune into both WWE and AEW programming on a weekly basis — at least in the United States. Of course, a portion of that fanbase chooses to watch only WWE or AEW, but there's a higher probability of AEW fans watching the more established WWE. On "Strictly Business," Eric Bischoff analyzed the modern state of the wrestling audience, and while doing so, he submitted that nearly three-fourths of AEW's fanbase also watch WWE.  

"I don't have access to the data, but my gut tells me that about 75 percent or 80 percent of the "Dynamite" audience is also a WWE audience," Bischoff said. "And I think WWE, because of its star power ... regardless of age ... too much time is being spent on discussing a talent's age. The younger demo is just as excited about a Paul Heyman or a John Cena right now, or even Undertaker, Becky Lynch, or LA Knight." Bischoff believes that a portion of the "AEW Dynamite" audience chose to watch "WWE NXT" during last week's Tuesday Night War simply because the aforementioned names are "f—ing exciting and fun to watch" regardless of what their birth certificate says. 

"More than any of that, I believe there's so much duplication between the two audiences," Bischoff continued. "And when given an opportunity, the majority of that audience is going to watch the WWE product — head-to-head or otherwise. I think there's a small portion of the AEW audience that does not watch WWE ... And a part of the reason is one group knows how to produce television, the other group puts together fantasy wrestling matches." Bischoff's theory will be tested once again when "WWE SmackDown" and "AEW Collision" go head-to-head on November 17.