Grayson Waller On How He Got Into Wrestling, The First WWE Match He Watched In Person

Grayson Waller recently sat down with Fox News to discuss his life and WWE career. During the interview, he revealed how he became a fan of wrestling in the first place, claiming that there is one match in particular that left a lasting impression on him as he got to watch it in person — and it managed to win over his mother.

"She wasn't a wrestling fan at all, but she still, to this day, talks about Shawn Michaels versus Ric Flair, which is a crazy match to say that I got [to] go and see when I'm 12 years old. But that was the one that I remember seeing and love talking about it and just how crazy Ric was at his age, taking all these crazy moves and things like that," he said.

Waller also spoke about next year's WWE Elimination Chamber premium live event, which is set to emanate from Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia in February. The show will see Waller return to his home country, and he believes that fans throughout the nation should attend it live to get the full experience. He recalled attending shows when WWE visited Australia in the past, and how the 2024 event will be special.

"I've always been a WWE fan for a long time, and it used to be a thing where you get to see them every year — they'd come out and you had Raw or you had SmackDown and you'd see the different people. For it to be four years, there's a lot of kids, there's a lot of adults who haven't got to see me live, and I think Elimination Chamber is the show where you've got to see it live."