Why Montez Ford Doesn't Feel Like His New WWE Lashley-Led Faction Is A New Hurt Business

WWE Superstar Montez Ford wants fans to know that he and Angelo Dawkins aren't Hurt Business 2.0, even if Bobby Lashley is their manager. 

Ford, in an interview with "New York Post," spoke about how he doesn't feel that they as a group are a "new anything."

"I feel like fans are gonna make comparisons to whatever is common to them or can make the best comparison to them," said Ford. "I didn't feel like we're a new Hurt Business. I don't feel like we're a new anything. We're just something different. We're not an evolution of what was. We are a new version of what is and what's going to be. It's three different people that's never been paired together. That in itself should make it automatically different. You don't see one person that's still the same in a new group, but it's called the old group's name. It just doesn't work that way."

Ford also said it's up to the audience to decide whether the trio is a heel or a babyface faction. At the moment, Lashley, Ford, and Dawkins are feuding with the LWO and the recently returned Carlito. On last week's "WWE SmackDown," Lashley and The Street Profits blindsided Carlito backstage after the former United States Champion proposed to have his first match back on "SmackDown" against Lashley. 

Carlito made his WWE return at Fastlane as one of the members of LWO, joining Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar to defeat The Street Profits and Lashley in a six-man tag team match.