Video: Brian Pillman Jr's Latest NXT Segment Ahead Of WWE In-Ring Debut As Lexis King

Lexis King, who previously performed as Brian Pillman Jr., is set to make his "WWE NXT" debut next Tuesday night. Vignettes promoting King's arrival have been playing on the developmental show over the last few weeks. The final clip ahead of King's first appearance was played on last night's "NXT" broadcast.

"Superstars from the past would approach me and share stories about all the good times they had with my father [Brian Pillman], tell me how much they loved him," King said while sitting in a room watching clips of wrestling personalities such as Paul Heyman, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and William Regal talk about the late Brian Pillman. "And you know what I'd do? I'd look 'em right in the eyes, and lie straight through my teeth, and say, 'Yeah. I loved him too.'

"Well, the reality is when you're just four years old, you don't know what love is. Hell, I never knew that man. He spent more nights in a damn hotel room than he did in my home ... You expect me to love him? I am in no one's shadow ... 'Halloween Havoc' is the start of my career and not the continuation of someone else's. I'm gonna take the first steps down my own path, and I'm gonna make my name bigger than his name ever was. And that name is Lexis King."

It was reported in July that King had undergone a tryout at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. He officially began working for the promotion in August. King, who made his in-ring debut in December 2017, had been signed to AEW up until July. King continued to work independent dates while working for Tony Khan's promotion. The 30-year-old has already made appearances at two non-televised "NXT" shows, defeating Brooks Jensen on October 13 and Riley Osborne on October 14.