Adam Pearce Weighs In On Potential Brand Rivalry With Nick Aldis' WWE SmackDown

On the season premiere of "WWE SmackDown," a debuting Nick Aldis was slotted into the role of general manager for the Friday night brand, as Adam Pearce's responsibilities were narrowed to solely "WWE Raw." As a result, brand-specific GMs look to be en vogue again, likely opening the door for more of those brand supremacy storylines fans are so fond of. On "WWE's The Bump," Pearce admitted that the potential rivalry between the two shows is something he's rather excited about.

"Now I'm not competing with myself anymore. I have somebody else to look at," he said. "We can play that chess game; we can see who in fact will make their broadcast the No. 1 sports entertainment broadcast on the planet. I'm betting on me, and I've got a headstart."

Pearce has been working as the on-screen authority figure for both of WWE's main roster shows the past several years, simply being referred to as a 'WWE Official' on television. During that time he's had run-ins with the likes of Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns, Sonya Deville and, most recently, Chelsea Green — all of whom have proven to be a thorn in his side to some degree. 

WWE has pushed a genuine "Raw" vs. "SmackDown" storyline in the past via general managers, most memorably when Eric Bischoff competed against Paul Heyman. And while both shows are meant to have specific rosters right now, those lines have been blurred as of late with a variety of Superstars showing up on different nights.

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