Health Update On WCW Alum Lodi, Aka Brad Cain, Following Post-Match Heart Attack

Former Raven's Flock member Lodi suffered a heart attack in June while wrestling an independent match, and in a new interview with "Developmentally Speaking," Lodi said the cardiac episode would do little to deter him from wrestling, and praised his opponent in that fateful bout. "I was wrestling about an hour from home against a guy who should be on TV and he will be soon enough, his name is Lucky Ali," Lodi gushed, noting that Ali trains with him often. "We were wrestling and I had a heart attack and four days later, went in for a triple bypass and they realized that they missed two blockages, so I ended up having a quintuple bypass on June 21." 

Lodi says that he spent 9 of his 11 recovery days in the hospital, and will not be taking any bookings until January 2024 to give himself time to get back into ring shape. "I'm recovering, getting my body back in shape, but the last time I saw my surgeon in August, he kinda tempted me a little bit. He's like 'You've recovered so well,'" Lodi said, comparing his healing ability to that of a starfish. "I heal really fast." 

Lodi says that he's had three neck surgeries in his life, and had two of his past neurosurgeons say that he'd never wrestle again, but Lodi is determined to prove them wrong. Lodi's fast healing ability has been a big help in his wrestling career, as he's faced some hard-hitting opponents in the past, including the infamous Chris Benoit, who was Lodi's opponent in the Flock member's "WCW Nitro" debut.