Dave Meltzer's Take On Vince McMahon Being Stripped Of WWE Creative Control

In the wake of reporting that Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel had backed Triple H over Vince McMahon when it comes to being in charge of WWE creative, journalist Dave Meltzer has offered his analysis of the situation. Writing in this week's "Wrestling Observer Newsletter", Meltzer noted that while the change is big in itself, it's what it represents that really matters. He pointed to the fact that Emanuel had previously stated when the impending merger was announced in April that McMahon would serve directly underneath him in the new company, TKO Group Holdings, and in the event of any disagreement they would defer to what McMahon wanted when it came to wrestling. However, it was only a few weeks following the merger's completion that Emanuel started to get the ball rolling on McMahon's removal from creative. 

Meltzer said that according to sources in WWE creative, McMahon's changes to shows over the past few months were considered to be getting in the way of the long-term vision. And talent he heard from had been loyal to Triple H's creative process, and felt things were better when McMahon wasn't involved. It was further alleged that someone close to the situation had indicated that Emanuel has a vision for us McMahon's notoriety, hence keeping him involved, but that vision doesn't include the former head of creative micro-managing weekly TV. 

But to the public, Meltzer says the major difference without McMahon's involvement is the reduced number of changes to advertised programming. Ultimately, he feels that the change is the best thing for business, and it is a major shift considering this is the first time since 1982 that McMahon has an actual boss he has to answer to.