Mike Chioda Names Classic WWE Match He Was Proud To Referee

The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18 was a true example of a dream match coming to life and one that delivered the hype. With both working at their absolute best in front of a red-hot crowd, it's an encounter that has gone down in the history books. One man who got to play a big part in that was Mike Chioda, who was chosen as the official for the match, which remains one of the most memorable matches he has ever been involved in.

"It was awesome to get put in that position, that means you're doing your job," he said on "Mailbag with Mike Chioda." "I took pride in what I did because you get put in that situation, that segment, that main event, that means the boys trust you, the agents trust you, the higher-ups trust you, Vince [McMahon] and Kevin Dunn or whoever. They all trusted you to be in that spot."

While Hogan and Rock did not get the main event slot that night, their match was the true main event in the eyes of many fans. The two men had to adapt on the fly due to the live audience deciding to turn on The Rock and cheer for Hogan that night, which kept everyone involved, including Chioda, on their toes.

Chioda's role in the match might not be a topic of frequent conversation, which is a testament to great officiating. The fact that the match remains one of his proudest moments highlights its personal significance, especially considering he officiated many main events during his tenure with WWE.

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