Zelina Vega On What Other WWE Superstars She Expects To Appear On Her YouTube Show

Zelina Vega is riding high as a Latino World Order (LWO) member on "WWE SmackDown." Outside of the ring, however, she's one of several WWE Superstars who are big gaming fans. As such, she plans on inviting some of her peers onto her new YouTube podcast series with Dakota Kai, "Zelvx and Charlie Girl." The show delves into video games, anime, and other like-minded topics, and the sports entertainers already have some specific future guests in mind. Furthermore, some others have already agreed to join them.

"We already have Mia Yim that we're going to bring on the show," Vega told ComicBook.com. "We're going to mix it up. Mia's going to come on. We'll probably have Shotzi come on. We'll have Shayna [Baszler] come on, and a few different people there who really have their own relationship with gaming."

Thus far, the podcast has explored a variety of subjects that interest Kai and Vega. For example, one episode sees them ponder how they'd survive a zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile, another digs into the world of "Pokemon" conspiracy theories. As of this writing, their channel has accumulated over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube, with several episodes currently available to view.

Vega has been vocal about gaming interests in the past, and she recently lent her voice talents to the game that inspired her WWE character. The game is "Street Fighter 6," which sees Vega portray a commentator. Landing the gig was a dream for the WWE Superstar, as she took her name from the gaming franchise's Vega character.