WWE Alum Stevie Richards Breaks Down Bronson Reed Vs. GUNTHER

Former WWE, WCW, and ECW wrestler Stevie Richards talked about GUNTHER's successful WWE Intercontinental Championship defense against "Big" Bronson Reed from last week's episode of "WWE Raw" on his "Stevie Richards Wrestling Analysis" YouTube channel.

"Now, I wanna say something about the match as an entire type of synopsis here," Richards said. "That the match and the finish, I believe, was wrong because I think these guys had great chemistry — still have great chemistry if they work again. Hopefully, they will. 

"But a clean finish with GUNTHER going over and Bronson Reed being booked 50/50 for a while, getting pushed as a monster, doing jobs, also known as losing matches for people that don't know ... And then, ultra, ultra-physical and competitive, one of the best matches I've seen on 'Raw' in years, and I believe the clean finish might have wasted that."

Earlier in the video, Richards praised GUNTHER and Reed's superplex spot in the title match. The former WWE Hardcore Champion said that the move was "right up there with the Bret Hart superplex." Richards mentioned that both men had "great foot positioning" before the superplex was executed, but he believes that if they had delayed the maneuver by five to ten seconds on the top turnbuckle, the majority of the audience would have been on their feet.

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