Daniel Garcia Explains One His Biggest AEW Career Regrets

Daniel Garcia believes Bryan Danielson is the greatest wrestler of all time. While he has been able to compete against him, one of his only career regrets at this point is not being able to team with him as part of the Blackpool Combat Club. It's something that AEW did tease heavily, pushing the idea that their similar styles would work well together, only for Garcia to turn and join the Jericho Appreciation Society instead.

"In the moment, I was very, very, very, very sad about the situation," he told "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "I was originally supposed to be put with Bryan in the original Blackpool Combat Club when it [was] first initiated. Jericho needed me for his group, so I got taken out of that and put with Jericho."

Garcia siding with Jericho is something that caused a genuine shock on television at the time, with AEW deciding to have him lean into the sports entertainment character. From adding his Kangol hat to introducing a popular dance, Garcia has been able to put a lot of personality into his new role. However, he admitted he reacted with a straight face when Jericho gave him the storyline news backstage, even though, in hindsight, he's not sure he was ready to be put with Danielson at that time.

"In my mind, I knew like, 'Damn, I know I was supposed to be put with Bryan in a couple of weeks, this is sad,'" he said. "So, once I started like, 'Okay, this Bryan could be happening in a bigger way where I already got over a little bit, and now it could be a big payoff of a big storyline where I get put with Bryan.' I'm like, This is really cool.'"

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