Mike Johnson Provides An Update On Delayed Vlad The Superfan Documentary

It has now been over two years since WWE's documentary on wrestling superfan Vladimir Abouzeide was shelved, with minimal updates on a potential release date hinted at since. That hasn't stopped PWInsider's Mike Johnson, a close friend of Abouzeide's, from campaigning for "Superfan: The Story of Vladimir" to be released, especially before Abouzeide's battle with Parkinson's disease worsens.

In an interview with "Under the Ring," Johnson, who has seen the finished documentary, gave his perspective on why WWE has yet to release the documentary. Furthermore, he stated that he'll continue to fight for its release for as long as possible.

"There are people I know who, on a consistent basis, have brought it up [in WWE]," Johnson said. "And there's no evil here. No one's twisting their mustache going, 'Ha ha ha, we're screwing Vladimir.' I don't think anybody's purposely gone out of their way not to release it. It's just been there's some shifting in their landscape, and I think it's something that's unfortunately been lost in the cracks." 

He added, "I think people will love it, and it's about someone I care about on a very deep basis. He's not even my friend; he's like my brother at this point. And if I'm lucky enough to have that voice where I can remind people, 'Hey, remember this thing you did that you spent money on that is really special and should be out for everyone to see, that will make your company look better,' I'm going to do that'" 

Johnson added that he'd do the same if WWE was holding back other documentaries that were as good as this one. While he has personal stakes in "Superfan: The Story of Vladimir" being released, he wants all good material to see the light of day.

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