Cody Rhodes Singles Match Added To WWE Crown Jewel Card

After he and tag team partner "Main Event" Jey Uso lost the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships to Finn Balor and Damian Priest on last week's episode of "WWE Raw," Cody Rhodes showed up Monday night looking to exact some revenge. He didn't get his wish immediately, but he will at Crown Jewel in a one-on-one matchup against Priest a week from Saturday.

Rhodes hit the ring just as Balor and Priest were opening the show, asking the tag champs how they feel being the ones interrupted for once. Noting that he'd come to talk to the leader of the Judgment Day and lamenting the fact that Rhea Ripley wasn't around, he old Balor and Priest that she's their "Mami" too. Irked by this assertion, Priest recapped the damage Judgment Day did to "The American Nightmare" the week before, then challenged him to the match at Crown Jewel, which Rhodes quickly accepted.

But that wouldn't be the end of their interactions for the night, as the rest of The Judgment Day hit the ring, ultimately resulting in a leg injury for Rhodes after Priest trapped his ankle in one chair and smashed it with another. Rhodes was favoring the ankle following a commercial break, so it appears he may not head into the premium live event at 100%, tipping the scales a bit for "Se├▒or Money In the Bank."

This will be the second singles match between Rhodes and Priest; their first came in a "Raw" main event back in June, with Rhodes prevailing. In fact, until last week's tag team title victory, Priest had never defeated Rhodes in any kind of match. Rhodes has also defeated Priest's stablemates, Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor, twice and three times, respectively, in 2023 singles competition.