Bully Ray Explains Why WWE Needs To Shows Fans 'What Lies Beneath' LA Knight

LA Knight has captured the imagination of the WWE Universe with his catchphrases, and while the formula seems to be working, Bully Ray has urged WWE's creative team to find new ways for the leader of the "Yeah Movement" to connect with audiences. Ray believes that WWE must allow Knight to show a different side to his character rather than remaining the "too cool for school" version of himself. 

"Where's the depth to LA Knight other than timberlands, jeans, cool vest, cool glasses, great look, handsome man ... that's all great. That's all tip of the iceberg," Ray told "Busted Open" on Tuesday. "If you really want people to be invested in LA Knight, we need to know what lies beneath. I know what lies beneath Cody Rhodes — it's the Rhodes name, it's finishing the story not only for himself but for his father and family." 

The former Dudley Boyz member argued that Rhodes' "family" also includes "little kids" in the audience as opposed to Knight, who still hasn't connected at a deeper level with fans. "Cody makes fans feel like he's part of his family," Ray added.

Ray — who shared a locker room with Knight in TNA — reiterated that the former Eli Drake has more to offer than just catchphrases and that WWE is strategically holding him back due to their investment in Rhodes. "There's more to LA Knight that fans can get into — like a Stone Cold. I just think the WWE knows they have to keep LA Knight compartmentalized until this Cody story ends." Ray believes Knight won't have his "Austin 3:16 moment" until Rhodes "finishes the story" — possibly at WrestleMania 40. "Coming out of Survivor Series, you don't want anybody to be a bigger star than Cody."

Both stars will be in action at the upcoming Crown Jewel show, with Knight challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, and Rhodes squaring off against Damian Priest.