Former WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff Recalls Segment That Left Him Legitimately Injured

Eric Bischoff's tenure as the general manager of "WWE Raw" required him to get physical sometimes, but one segment led to him picking up an injury. While speaking on the "Eric Bischoff: Locked and Loaded" podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed the only time he got hurt on television.

"When I got chokeslammed off the stage by Kane [in 2003]... Because I'm not that durable, I'm durable enough to do it once because whatever happens happens, and I'll be good to go for TV in a week or two at the worst... I didn't like to rehearse because I was afraid I'd get hurt during the rehearsal."

According to Bischoff, he avoided the rehearsals and convinced himself that he'd be able to take the bump without any hiccups. However, he made the mistake of reaching back to figure out which part of his body he was going to land on, which ultimately led to him landing on his thumb and breaking it. Technically speaking, though, he's yet to be injured by another performer.

"I don't think that really counts because that was just me being stupid. That wasn't somebody doing something to me. That was me doing something to myself, so I think the score is actually never happened."

Ultimately, Bischoff didn't seem too fazed by the injury. However, he has discussed some of his career regrets lately, especially in regard to Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

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