Why Lex Luger Says He And AEW's Sting Have Similar Journeys

The story of Sting's career can't be written without a chapter dedicated to Lex Luger, and vice-versa. The two wrestling greats have been synonymous with one another since the '80s, going from tag partners to rivals, to nWo Wolfpac stablemates to rivals again in the late '90s. Years later, their paths would again cross in TNA, and fittingly, it would be Luger inducting Sting into the TNA Hall of Fame. Naturally, when Sting recently announced his decision to retire, Luger got a tad emotional reminiscing over their brotherhood.

"We — both inside and outside the ring — have similar journeys," Luger told "Under The Ring." "We're both followers of Jesus now, and that makes it extra special for us as well. He never gave up on me, even during the worst times of my life. He'd leave voicemails when I wouldn't answer the phone — when I went through a bad period of addictions with sex, drugs, and alcohol. People thought I was going to be the next wrestler found dead. Stinger never gave up on me, and we're the best of friends to this day — he's a special guy and a special friend."

"The Total Package" revealed he and Sting "didn't hit it off" when they first talked after the latter asked him for nutritional advice. In response, Luger sarcastically named "Stoli's [vokda] and peanut M&M's" as the secret to his pristine physical condition. "He walked away shaking his head, but we ended up seeing each other downstairs, finally had breakfast together, went to the gym together, and over time, became the best of friends." Luger — who hasn't appeared at a prominent wrestling show in years — promises to be closely watching AEW Revolution 2024, where his best friend will hang up the tights. "It's fantastic and incredible," Luger said of Sting wrestling at age 64.