Johnny Gargano Reflects On DIY Being On WWE Raw: 'Tonight Was Just The Beginning'

DIY got off to a perfect start as a tag team on the main roster by picking up a victory against Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser, and Johnny Gargano took to X to guarantee fans, "Tonight was just the beginning." The tag team encounter on "WWE Raw" this week marked the first time the duo have competed officially as DIY on the main roster, which got Gargano reflecting. He looked back to when he and Tommaso Ciampa first started in WWE in 2016, and they wondered what it would look like for them to be a team on the main roster. Gargano admitted, "It took us a while to get to this point but our story is unlike any other and we carry those moments with us."

While they had a couple of encounters alongside each other in 2019 during their brief stints on the main roster, that wasn't something that was branded as DIY. However, WWE has finally pulled the trigger on them as an official team. They have not competed as a unit since a "WWE NXT" live event in 2020, but they do have a lot of history together, which is why fans have been wanting to see the two men reunite on the main roster.

DIY are former "NXT" Tag Team Champions who became popular after their classic matches against the likes of American Alpha and The Revival, while also becoming a hit with fans due to their 'Glorious Bomb' videos. Now the duo are looking to recapture that magic as part of the red brand.