AEW's Eddie Kingston Gets Candid About Former NWA Colleague WWE Star LA Knight

Before they were the unsung heroes of their respective promotions, Eddie Kingston and LA Knight were standout performers on "NWA Powerrr," the freshly rebooted National Wrestling Alliance YouTube show. The ROH World and NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion says that he got along well with the #1 Contender to the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship during their time in NWA.

"I like LA Knight. He's a good dude," Kingston chuckled in an interview with Adrian Hernandez. "I'm so happy for LA Knight. That dude busts his ass." The AEW star said that he salutes Knight for getting to perform on such a big stage, but he wasn't the only NWA alumni currently making moves in the big leagues.

"Ricky Starks is a little bit of a b***h, he knows that, but I'm proud of him too," Kingston admitted. "I don't like the way he's acting but he's cool in the sense that I can call him a b***h. But that time in NWA, I gotta give him mad love because it was just so much fun." 

Starks was the inaugural NWA World Television Champion during his brief tenure in the company. 

Kingston said that he has no idea what things are like in the NWA currently, but he hopes the roster is having as much fun as he, Starks and Knight did during their time in the promotion. "It was a lot of fun," Kingston said. The AEW star revealed that he still calls up his friend and mentor, NWA roster member Homicide, but the two usually end up talking about life and everything but wrestling.