WWE Star Seth Rollins On When He Started Thinking About Wrestling Retirement

Seth Rollins has a lot of miles on his wrestling odometer. And while he still is wrestling at a high level at 37 years old, Rollins is beginning to reach the point of his career where he's coming to terms with new limitations and trying to maximize what he can still do.

There are no plans in motion for Rollins' retirement thus far. But, as he revealed during an appearance on "Mythical Kitchen," the WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been thinking about the end of his time in the ring more than ever, largely thanks to the birth of his daughter a few years ago.

"I had a little baby girl, and then you start to think 'Okay, when do I want to wrap this thing up?' — mostly so I can be an active father for her and not just be gone on the road all the time," Rollins said. "I went to see one of my favorite bands a couple of weeks ago called The Wonder Years, and the lead singer Dan is a good friend of mine. And he's got this bit where he kind of tells the audience 'We're closer to the end than we are to the beginning.'"

"And that resonated with me," Rollins continued. "But then he turns it around, he says 'We've got a lot more in the f***ing tank.' So that's how I felt. That was a real fire-up moment for me ...But yeah, man. It's the first time in a long time — probably in my whole career — that I've been like 'Hmm, what's the end game here? When am I going to hang it up? And what's next, if anything?'"

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