Reason Why GUNTHER Wasn't Booked For WWE Crown Jewel Reportedly Revealed

At 512 days, GUNTHER is the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion, a prominent fixture on the "WWE Raw" brand, and one of the focal points of WWE programming since Triple H took over the creative reigns from Vince McMahon. Even still, the Austrian isn't booked for today's Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

The reason for this was reported in his profile piece written by the Austrian news outlet Krone, after speaking with him during WWE's German tour. He is supposedly forbidden from leaving and competing outside the USA for the next six months due to "strict residency regulations." GUNTHER resides in Orlando, Florida, having moved full-time from Europe in early 2022. It's unclear exactly what particular regulations are preventing GUNTHER from traveling internationally, however this will also presumably preclude his involvement in February's Elimination Chamber event as well.

In the same piece, GUNTHER said that will at least ensure he spends more time with his wife and ex-wrestler, Jinny, whom he said he only spent six days with in October. Jinny wrestled on WWE's "NXT UK" brand like her husband, but retired earlier this year following a severe concussion. The pair married in May, and had their ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in London, England. GUNTHER's current title reign passed the 500-day mark last month to eclipse The Honky Tonk Man's own 454 days as Intercontinental Champion, a record spanning over thirty years. He captured the title from Ricochet in June 2022 on an episode of "WWE SmackDown", and has since made defenses against the likes of Bronson Reed, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre just to name a few.