Rhea Ripley Overcomes Four Opponents To Retain Women's World Title At WWE Crown Jewel

After weeks of brawls between the five women involved, Rhea Ripley came out on top and retained her Women's World Championship at WWE's Crown Jewel premium live event. Ripley, Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez, Zoey Stark, and Shayna Baszler made the trip to Saudi Arabia to compete for the title, but the challengers couldn't get the job done, despite their best efforts in a match that was given plenty of time on the card.

Jax rolled out of the ring as the bell rang, and Stark and Ripley started off the match hot. All the women got their hits in throughout the match, including a spot where Baszler had both Ripley and Rodriguez in a submission, before putting Jax in the clutch as well. The spot was broken up by Stark, with no one tapping out. At one point, Rodriguez attempted to get Jax up to slam her, but the spot was broken up.

After much back-and-forth between all the women, it was Ripley who ended the match, taking Stark onto the ropes for a Riptide while Rodriguez attempted to pin Baszler on the mat beneath her. Ripley hit the move on Stark, on top of the other two competitors, pinning all three of the women, with Baszler on the mat, to retain her championship.