Road Dogg Says Fellow WWE HOFer The Undertaker Ate Well While Hiding Under The Ring

During his in-ring heyday, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker had a supernatural gimmick that occasionally saw him appear in the arena from out of nowhere. In actuality, he was hiding under the ring until his moment to shine arrived — and he was well taken care of by WWE's catering team on these occasions.


On a recent episode of the "Oh, You Didn't Know?" podcast, Brian "Road Dogg" James revealed that wrestlers are treated to snacks whenever they're forced to wait below the ring; however, some Superstars are given better menus than others, and "The Phenom" ate particularly well.

"They used to hide Undertaker under the ring a lot... They used to lay out food under there for him. And I mean like good food, you know what I mean? And then Bray Wyatt started doing it... They were just putting sandwiches under there, and I said, 'Dude, you gotta talk to them to get that Undertaker menu. 'Taker's getting steaks.'"

These days, "The Phenom's" days of hiding under the ring and eating steaks appear to be over. The Undertaker has vowed never to wrestle again after retiring in 2020, and he's stuck to that promise. That said, he does appear on WWE television from time to time, including a recent episode of "NXT," which saw him deliver a chokeslam to Bron Breakker. The Undertaker is also excited by the WWE-UFC merger, as it means he'll get good tickets to both companies' upcoming events.


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