Eric Bischoff Recalls Ted Turner's Reaction To WWE's 'Billionaire Ted' Parody Skits

The Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW saw both companies disparage each other in a quest for ratings dominance. From giving away spoilers to taking shots at each other's management and performers, both sides were known for playing dirty. One of the most famous examples of these tactics at play was WWE's "Billionaire Ted" skits, in which the company took aim at Ted Turner, the media mogul who owned WCW's television networks.


On a recent episode of "Strictly Business," Bischoff recalled his bosses showing the skits to Turner. They didn't want the business honcho discovering them by himself, but the billionaire wasn't upset about being dissed by any means.

"Ted Turner got a kick out of them," Bischoff said. "When they first broke, Bill Shaw... I think Bill was still my boss at the time, but it might have been Harvey Shill; I don't remember. But whoever it was, I wasn't in the room, but I think it was Bill Shaw. 'Man, we better show these to Ted before he finds out on his own.' They went up and showed a couple of things; what I was told, he just busted out laughing. He thought they were funny as hell."

Bischoff wasn't upset by the skits, either. He previously revealed that he once called Vince McMahon after seeing them, noting that he wanted to tell him to keep the skits going. What's more, WCW didn't react to the skits on television as the powers that be didn't want to come across as fazed, though Bischoff has admitted that he and WCW loved getting inside McMahon's head.


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