Why Eric Bischoff Is Happy That Ric Flair Signed With AEW

On November 2, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair signed a multi-year contract with AEW, days after he made a surprise appearance as the "special gift" for Sting from Tony Khan on the October 25 episode of "AEW Dynamite." 


Eric Bischoff, Flair's former boss, explained why he's happy that the 16-time world champion signed with the promotion on his "Strictly Business" podcast.

"You know, I'm happy for Ric," said Bischoff. "Professional wrestling is Ric Flair's life. Ric Flair left Richard Fliehr behind a long time ago, and I'm happy for Ric because Ric loves the business, he loves being around the business. It's good for Ric. It's really good for Ric."

Bischoff also discussed the value that Flair can bring to AEW, highlighting his gift of gab, and also detailed the role the two-time Hall of Famer could play in his new job.

"I think my first gut instinct is that Ric will end up managing. He'll end up being a mouthpiece. He'll end up representing some young talent that is on its way up, that needs that credibility, that they say in the wrestling business for years now, 'the rub.' Who better to get a rub from than a guy like Ric Flair? That's what I see," said the Hall of Famer. "I really can't see Ric doing much in-ring, other than a run-in or an involvement, but not necessarily matches. More than anything Ric's gift of gab, his percussiveness on the mic, will probably lend itself more than anything from what we see on the camera."


The former WCW President emphasized the significance of tapping into Flair's mind, as "The Nature Boy" possesses the experience and understanding of psychology that can help with better storytelling in AEW.

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