Timothy Thatcher Discusses WWE Changing Idea Of What A Wrestler Is

After spending the first 15 years of his career on the independent circuit, Timothy Thatcher signed with WWE in 2020, right before the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He remained there for two years, performing on the "NXT" brand, staying long enough to experience "NXT 2.0" before being released.

In an interview with "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," Thatcher credited the support of William Regal for helping him catch the eye of WWE. But while he was happy for the opportunity, and the fact he had security during COVID-19, he believes the writing was on the wall after WWE decided to revamp the "NXT" brand.

"WWE is a television show, right?" Thatcher said. "And they have ideas at one point, and certain people fit those ideas, and then the ideas change, and then other people fit those ideas. It's like any other form of entertainment. It's not necessarily if you're good at your job, or good at what you do; it's what are they looking for at the moment."

He continued, "Thankfully, I got there right before COVID because if I wasn't working there during COVID, I would've been in very bad shape, so I will always be very grateful for them for that. But I got there at the end of when they were really pushing, 'We want independent talents.' And it was kind of just the tail end. So then they started, 'Okay, we want to go back to the way we used to do it, and we want to get athletes and all that stuff. And we want a younger crop.'"

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