The Miz Wins WWE Raw Four-Way, Will Challenge GUNTHER For IC Title At Survivor Series

After an unusual finish to a fatal four-way Intercontinental Championship number one contender's match, The Miz has earned a title shot against GUNTHER at Survivor Series, prevailing over Bronson Reed, Ricochet, and Ivar on "WWE Raw."

The end to the match saw Miz counter a Tsunami attempt from Reed into a rollup at the same time that Ivar hit a moonsault on Ricochet. The referee situated himself in between all four men, counting each pin attempt simultaneously, but only Ricochet kicked out, with Reed eating the pin from Miz. After some confusion, Miz was declared the winner, and celebrated in turn.

GUNTHER was shown backstage during the match taking in the action on a monitor, with his title proudly adorned over his shoulder. His record-setting championship reign now holds firm at 512 days, having surpassed The Honky Tonk Man in early September with a successful defense against Chad Gable on "Raw." The Miz, meanwhile, is an eight-time Intercontinental Champion and has often proclaimed himself as the greatest to hold that title, so a feud with GUNTHER has plenty to build from right away.

The match at Survivor Series will be the first between The Miz and GUNTHER, though it is likely that the challenger will have ample opportunity to prepare in the coming weeks against the champion's Imperium running mates, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci.