WWE's Corey Graves Reveals How Bray Wyatt Helped Come Up With His Ring Name

When Corey Graves first joined WWE in 2011, he did so following a successful career on the indies, where he performed under the name Sterling James Keenan, inspired by football legend Sterling Sharpe and Tool lead singer Maynard James Keenan. As with many talents at the time, however, Graves was unable to keep the name upon joining WWE, leading to him adopting the "Corey Graves" persona. On "The Kurt Angle Show," Graves revealed that it wasn't easy coming up with his ring name, and that he ultimately required the help of a late WWE legend, and a close friend, to do so.

"I remember having a very hard time with a first name because there was nothing that came to mind that I felt fit," Graves said. "And I submitted the last names, Ness and Graves ... Ness was from Mike Ness from Social Distortion, and Graves was the singer of The Misfits at the time. And I thought 'Okay, I'll borrow one of their names, much like Seth Rollins ... he borrowed that last name.' And Corey, ironically enough, came from Bray Wyatt at practice one day. And he was singing 'Sunglasses at Night' by Corey Hart ... and I don't know why that song was being discussed at the time ... but he goes 'There's your name. You're Corey Graves.'"

Despite the help from Wyatt, Graves admitted that the name still wasn't his first, second, or third choice. "Personally, I hated it," Graves said. "But I didn't submit anything different in time, and one of the guys who worked in the office was like 'Well, the office approved Corey Graves.' And I said 'Alright. Well, I guess I'm Corey Graves.' So here I am."

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