Corey Graves Reflects On Seth Rollins' Evolution Since Their Days In WWE NXT

Prior to his in-ring retirement in 2014, Corey Graves spent his early WWE days in the company's developmental territory of FCW, which was later rebranded into "WWE NXT." It was also here that Graves trained alongside several future WWE Superstars, such as Seth Rollins. During a recent appearance on "The Kurt Angle Show," the current "WWE SmackDown" commentator spoke about the major differences he's seen in Rollins over the years.


"It's not necessarily unique to Seth, because I could give you the same answer regarding a lot of guys who I've come up with: It's maturity," Graves said. "When you come into this game, into the business at first, especially on independents, it's you versus the world. You have to have a chip on your shoulder or you're not going to succeed. I think a lot of us carried that to FCW and into 'NXT' and I think that's why 'NXT' became as red hot as it did at the time, because you had a bunch of guys who were stuck in the warehouse in Tampa who didn't think anyone was paying attention."

More than a decade after becoming WWE's inaugural "NXT" Champion, Rollins has now positioned himself as one of the WWE's top stars, and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Despite Rollins' elevated placement on the card, Graves asserts that Rollins upholds a respectable, and overall welcoming, relationship between himself and his fellow talent.


"He doesn't overstep his boundaries and he won't give you advice if you don't ask for it, but it's one of those deals where you go, 'I should probably ask that guy. He's done a few things in the game, maybe he knows,'" Graves said.

Outside of Rollins' maturity in the wrestling business, Graves also noted that "The Visionary" has grown immensely as a person as well — partially due in part to becoming a father and husband. With these added responsibilities, Graves believes Rollins approaches his personal and professional decision-making with a little more caution.

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