Why Bully Ray Says The Investment In WWE Star LA Knight 'Isn't There Yet'

LA Knight had the biggest test of his career on Saturday when he challenged Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event of WWE Crown Jewel. On the latest "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray stated that Knight still has a ways to go with his relationship with the WWE Universe.

"He's on his way but it's not all there yet. It takes time to get to that level," Bully said. He compared the fans' relationship with Knight to a romantic relationship, which takes time to develop a deep and true love. With Knight only being an important WWE figure for less than a year, the Hall of Famer believes that fans need to be a little more patient.

"The people aren't there for LA Knight. They're not willing him to win," Bully explained. "Go back and listen to a Steve Austin match or go listen to any of your favorite WWE babyface matches, people that they are truly into. You hear a buzz throughout the entire match. You can hear them willing their favorite guy on." 

He said that he heard near silence during the low moments in Knight's match against Reigns, resulting in too many peaks and valleys in Bully's eyes.

"His peaks are there, what he needs to do is raise his valleys," Bully said. He feels the only way to do that is for LA Knight to make fans love him even more, likely through adversity, saying the popular star needs some kind of vicious beatdown.

"LA Knight needs to be put in positions where the people truly feel for him. He hasn't been in that position yet," Bully continued. He thinks that if LA Knight isn't going to get a beat up, then there's still another way to keep fans rooting for him. "One of the things that I thought they could've done for LA Knight at the end of Crown Jewel is left him standing at the end."