Ted DiBiase On WWE's Use Of Scripts And What He'd Do When He Was Given One

Ted DiBiase was always capable of cutting brilliant promos, which played a key part in developing his "Million Dollar Man" persona. However, over the years he saw WWE implement scripts for talent to read, and that wasn't something he was personally interested in doing. "I told them even then, 'You can give me this, but I'm not going to say what's on this thing word for word. I'm going to take the idea that I see is being expressed here and I'm going to do it my way. Because if I don't do it my way then it's not going to sound like me,'" he said on "Everybody's Got A Pod." "So, that's what I did and they let me do it because they knew I could. 


Scripting promos and shows has become even more important for WWE over the years, although that has led to some memorably bad segments. However, DiBiase isn't knocking the idea of using scripts, even if it isn't for him. While AEW has opted to not use scripts in a bid to create freedom, WWE does tend to be more structured, even though certain talents such as LA Knight, have claimed to have some freedom themselves.

"I guess I'm old school because I was raised old school and that's how it worked for me," he said. "I'm not Vince McMahon and I don't know all that Vince McMahon knows, and maybe there's a reason now for them to follow a script. But, I just never had to."

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