WWE Alum Jonathan Coachman Says Attitude Era Star Trained Him For In-Ring Spots

Jonathan Coachman might be best known for his backstage interviews, commentary, or being a General Manager, but he got the chance to compete in the ring as well after Vince McMahon proposed the idea. It led to him undergoing some unorthodox training on the road, with Attitude Era star Chris Benoit being the person in charge of getting him up to speed.


"I don't know exactly how it happened, we always got along very, very well," he told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "I know there's a lot of different reactions to the name Chris Benoit over the years, but my experience with him, he was really good to me." Benoit was notorious for being focused and wanting everyone to respect the wrestling business and take it seriously, with Coachman admitting that sometimes Benoit would take it too seriously. It led to some interesting training methods from the former World Heavyweight Champion, who wanted to ensure that Coachman was prepared.

"But he not only trained me on moves but he trained me on just being tough," he revealed. "The first 15 or 20 minutes of every session was shoot fighting, like MMA training." Coachman would compete at live events so he could train quietly without the WWE cameras on him, ensuring he was ready when the time came. Eventually, he went on to become an occasional in-ring talent on WWE television shows and premium live events, competing against the likes of Shane McMahon, Eugene, and Batista.


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