Ric Flair Sees 'Dollar Signs' When He Imagines This Potential WWE Showdown

Parents often champion their children, and it's no different for Ric Flair when discussing his daughter, surefire future WWE Hall of Famer Charlotte Flair. The 50-year veteran expressed as much during the "Gabby AF" podcast, putting her above the likes of wrestling legends Penny Banner and the Fabulous Moolah as the greatest of all-time. "All she wakes up everyday is wanting to get better," said Flair, "Calm down, you're already way past all of them."


Charlotte came face-to-face with Jade Cargill on "WWE SmackDown" in October, teasing a potential showdown between the "Queen" and the marquee signing; Cargill signed with WWE in September following her AEW departure. Ric Flair said that — while he has yet to see her wrestle — he has been impressed by Cargill's look and her similar stature to Charlotte. He called their meeting a magical moment before remarking, "The two of them looking at each other, it just put dollar signs [In my eyes]. It's gonna happen."

He added on Cargill's part that if her ability is anything close to her look then she'll carve out a great career. But he also earmarked Bianca Belair as someone he wants Charlotte to face in the future. They have actually already wrestled each other one-on-one on three occasions, first in "WWE NXT," with Flair picking up the win. They met twice more on "WWE Raw" in October 2021, and both times Flair was ultimately disqualified. Belair also defeated Flair and Asuka at SummerSlam this year to win the WWE Women's Championship.