AEW's Jeff Jarrett Thinks TNA Tag Team Could Have Made It In WWE

For years, fans have lamented the fact that the Briscoes, the Young Bucks, and the Motor City Machine Guns never set foot inside a WWE ring. Add Beer Money to the list of accomplished tag teams from the glory days of TNA that Jeff Jarrett believes would have made a lot of noise in the WWE — had something come together. On his "My World" podcast, Jarrett explained why the duo of Bobby Roode and James Storm was tailor-made for that particular fan base. 

"We've got two different characters come together, but, man, this works," Jarrett said. "And they both talk and have different points of view, but it's marketable, and Beer Money is such a common slang term — it all just kinda fit together. I think all of us knew, 'Let's roll with this.' Their in-ring work was phenomenal — really good tag psychology — whether they were heels or babyfaces."

The five-time TNA World Tag Team Champions would eventually find their way to WWE. However, Storm's time in "NXT" was short-lived and he would opt to return to TNA instead of signing a longer term deal with WWE. Roode, on the other hand, really carved out a place for himself in "NXT," becoming champion for a stretch until he was called up to the main roster. There, he went on to enjoy stints as United States Champion and a multi-time tag team champion. 

Bruce Prichard has also suggested in the past that the Roode and Storm partnership could have made it big in WWE