AEW's Eddie Kingston Shares Embarrassing Moment Involving A Hangover, A Suplex & Poop

Eddie Kingston is arguably on the run of his career at the moment, holding both the New Japan Strong Openweight and Ring of Honor World Championships, the latter which he won from long-time rival Claudio Castagnoli at "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam." But it wasn't always sunshine and roses for the AEW star, as he was once upon the time the wrestler who once pooped himself during a match at Jersey All Pro Wrestling's Season's Beatings in 2009.

Kingston discussed the unfortunate moment during an appearance on "Wilde On," putting the blame on a wedding hangover, and a suplex involving a wrestler named Bandido, and not the one Kingston currently works alongside in AEW.

"Before the match, we had a wedding the day before the show," Kingston said. "It was Monsta Mack's wedding, so me, Homicide, Low Ki, a bunch of the guys were at the wedding, and we all drank a lot. Then we had the wrestling the next day. I'm hungover, and I told Bandido, who's now in WWE as a referee, and Azrieal. They were going to suplex me on the floor and I said, 'Hey do me a favor, just snap suplex me...cause I'm not feeling too hot.' 'Okay, okay, okay.' Well, they do it, and I s*** myself.

"[With] eight more minutes to go I think...I put Bandido, I think, or Azrieal, one of them in a head scissors after it. I went, 'You smell that? I told you not [to]. What the f***.' I tagged out, we did the match. It was in the Rahway Rec Center, and I just ran right to the shower. I was in the dark, took everything off in the shower. Had my boots on taking the shower. That's probably the most embarrassing thing that happened to me in wrestling."

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