Nick Aldis 'Suspends' Kevin Owens After Commentary Desk Altercation On WWE SmackDown

Kevin Owens, who subbed in for Corey Graves as an announcer on last night's "WWE SmackDown," is officially "suspended" until further notice for attacking Grayson Waller and Austin Theory. A few weeks after the duo was on the receiving end of a nasty punch from Owens, Waller and Theory approached Owens at the commentary desk and harassed "The Prizefighter," throwing water on his head and poking fun at him. Initially, Owens resisted retaliating against the heels, but lost his cool when Waller flung an empty bottle of water at Kevin Patrick's face. Owens would proceed to stun Waller in the ring, even as Michael Cole urged him to avoid getting suspended. 

Later in the night, Owens was approached by Nick Aldis in a backstage segment, and was reminded that he broke the one rule laid out by the "SmackDown" GM — to not get physical with any of the WWE Superstars. Owens would instantly apologize to the blue brand's authority figure for his actions, but Aldis wasn't having any of it. "Kevin, you're suspended," Aldis said. "We had one rule — no physicality. You left me no choice. I'm sorry." The segment ended with Owens trying to convince Aldis to revoke the suspension, even as the former NWA World's Heavyweight Champion walked away from the scene.

Upon hearing the news, Waller mocked Owens by posting a picture on X of him pouring water on the former Universal Champion with the caption, "Suspended." Typically, WWE's kayfabe suspensions lead to the offender developing issues with the disciplinarian — in this case, Aldis. It remains to be seen if Aldis steps foot inside a WWE ring as a competitor, after joining the company as a backstage producer and onscreen authority figure.