Andrade El Idolo Gives His Response To CJ Perry's Offer To Manage Him On AEW Collision

Before the opening theme of tonight's "AEW Collision," Andrade El Idolo promised to reveal his answer to CJ Perry's offer to manage him. Soon after the cameras entered the arena, Andrade was seen walking down the ramp to face Daniel Garcia in the opening match of the show. Immediately following him was CJ Perry who proceeded to hold the ring ropes for Andrade to enter the squared circle. Watching all of this from a backstage position was Perry's husband, Miro.

The match was fairly even throughout. At one point, Garcia locked in an ankle lock submission that Andrade was able to escape from. Andrade then took control of the bout. He missed a moonsault off the top rope before connecting with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Not long after that, Andrade let out a big "Woo" before locking in the Figure Four Leglock and then turning it into a Figure Eight Leglock to secure the victory.

Once the match concluded, CJ Perry entered the ring and the pair celebrated together. Of course, Andrade's father-in-law Ric Flair made his AEW debut on the October 25 edition of "Dynamite" as a special gift for the soon-to-be retiring Sting. Some had speculated that Flair may eventually end up managing Andrade. However, at least for the time being, it appears as though CJ Perry is now officially managing Andrade El Idolo.