CJ Perry Explains How She Hopes To Help AEW, Names Dream Opponents

CJ Perry is now All Elite and hunting for new clients in the wake of her husband Miro's refusal to take on her services. In a new interview with "In The Kliq," Perry told host Baby Huey about her plans for her time in the fledgling company.

"I think the most important thing on both shows is story," Lana explained, saying that matches need a narrative as their main engine no matter what the story might be. "We see that on TikTok, we see that on Instagram Reels, we see that on YouTube, people connect with [a] story, not just a random video." 

Lana warns that it's easy for videos to go viral, explaining that it's more important that the audience is taken on a ride over time and gets to watch characters grow. The newly-minted manager says she's excited to help AEW tell its stories better on social media. Perry is also excited to pitch her ideas to AEW President Tony Khan.

"For me, in all shows, all places in life...I always brought ideas but at the end of the day, the person signing the check, who is Tony Khan, [who is] the Steven Spielberg over there," Perry explained.

"Look, it's a wrestling show, obviously I'm gonna fight a b**** or two, if I need to," Perry explained. The former WWE Superstar says that she's hoping to compete in a hardcore match, much to the chagrin of her protective husband. Perry even has a name picked out as her dream opponent, hardcore match or not.

"Saraya, obviously, she's like one of my favorite people and I've known her for over a decade now. We have so much history," Perry said. The former AEW Women's World Champion helped Perry throughout her wrestling career, with Perry mentioning that Saraya is one of the wrestlers that she undoubtedly trusts. However, Perry notes that her options are plentiful in AEW. 

"I'm a fan of a lot of the women here," Perry gushed.