Hernandez Details The Planned LAX Segment That Almost Got A TNA Show Shut Down By Police

Former TNA star Hernandez spoke about a controversial moment in LAX [Latin American Exchange] history, which almost had the police involved. In his recent appearance on the "Ten Out" podcast, the former Impact star spoke about a segment where they threatened to burn the American flag back in November 2006. 

"I don't like to be political with all this, but, man, you know Latinos always get the third choice," said Hernandez. "Don't get mad, but you have babyface white boys, babyface white boys, heel white guys — so that's one, two, and three right there. [People say] 'Oh, well, LAX had great matchups with all those teams, oh, they're okay teams, put them in the bottom, put them like in 17th or 18th.' I mean, but what else could it be, because you have to realize you had — when Konnan from '06 was on fire on the mic and getting these people riled up. One time we threatened to burn the American flag, live on TV. Orlando PD came and threatened to shut the show down because they thought it was real. It was that ... I mean my dad stopped watching the show after that."

He later added that at the time they had a great dynamic because of Konnan's mic skills, Homicide's unpredictability in the ring, and Hernadez's brute strength. 

LAX was a stable that lasted from 2005 to 2009 and included the likes of Hernandez, Konnan, Homicide, Salinas, Apolo, Machete, and even Hector Guerrero. The stable returned to the company in 2017 and had a two-year run, though this time it was Konnan, Homicide, and three current AEW stars, Santana, Ortiz, and Diamante, as part of the faction.

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