Ted DiBiase Explains Why He Felt Sorry For Terry Taylor In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase has had the good fortune to share the ring with numerous main event stars in his tenure with the WWE. However, the former Million Dollar Champion is confused as to why one specific wrestler didn't get a chance at the big time.

"Terry Taylor is a great guy. Even now, he's one of the guys, one of the trainers down at [the WWE Performance Center]...because he knows the wrestling business," DiBiase explained on "Everybody's Got a Pod" recently. "But he's one guy that had a lot of talent that never got a push. I don't understand that." DiBiase admits a personal bias, as he describes Taylor as a good friend, but he doesn't understand why the former NWA star was only given the Red Rooster character during his time in WWE.

"He could've been a great babyface," DiBiase bemoaned. "I don't know." The infamous Red Rooster gimmick was long thought to have been a prank on Taylor. Still, according to WWE producer Bruce Prichard, Vince McMahon actually saw Taylor as something of a cocky figure backstage, and thought he would've been able to channel that into the character.

As DiBiase mentioned, Taylor is currently one of WWE's developmental trainers, and is said to have made a name for himself among the young talent of "WWE NXT." Joe Coffey recently spoke about sitting under the learning tree, noting that Taylor is one of the people he goes to for advice on a regular basis, especially in regard to getting help with his in-ring psychology. 

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