WWE Star Becky Lynch Reportedly Sets Record On Celebrity Jeopardy

"The Man" came around to "Celebrity Jeopardy" last night, as a new set of notables took part in the charity-based "Jeopardy" variation that provided the inspiration for a long-running series of "Saturday Night Live" sketches. Multi-time WWE Women's Champion Becky Lynch shared the stage with "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin, and former "SNL" cast member Rachel Dratch. Unfortunately, while Lynch has rarely failed to excel inside a wrestling ring, she didn't exactly light up the "Celebrity Jeopardy" stage, to put it mildly.

According to "The Jeopardy Fan" X account, as well as its accompanying website, Lynch set a rather dubious record with her "Celebrity Jeopardy" performance, becoming the first player in franchise history to offer up zero correct responses over the course of 60 clues. "Jeopardy" rounds consist of 30 clues each, which means Lynch went through the entire first round and "Double Jeopardy" round without getting a single thing right. In a small bright side, Lynch didn't finish the whole episode with nothing, managing to finally get two clues correct in the "Triple Jeopardy" round, added to "Celebrity Jeopardy" in 2022. She also responded correctly to the "Final Jeopardy" clue.

All in all though, it took 73 clues before Lynch put a positive score up on the "Jeopardy" board. Dratch ended up winning the game with $23,000 banked, while Culkin came in second with $16,800, and Lynch ended with $500. Perhaps "The Man" just had a bad night, as earlier this year she dominated WWE's appearance on "The Weakest Link," getting all but one question she was asked correct, and only losing because the members of "The New Day" were unwilling to vote any of themselves out, despite Lynch (and her husband Seth Rollins) being the strongest players statistically.