Rob Van Dam Says This Perk Came With WWE Title: 'The Greatest Secret In The Business'

Rob Van Dam only held the WWE Championship once in his career, but that singular reign still afforded some interesting perks he had never experienced before. During a recent episode of his "One of a Kind" podcast, RVD revealed what he believes may be "the greatest secret" in the sports entertainment business.

"The greatest secret in the business — I never, ever, ever heard this," Van Dam said, "Ever. Only did I experience it firsthand, and people don't talk about it really. So maybe it's not meant to be talked about. F***, look at me, running my mouth like a f***ing rat."

RVD continued, "But anyway, when I got the WWE Championship belt, then all of a sudden I got bumped up to first class. And if it was an airplane that didn't have first class available because the airplane was too small or whatever, they would literally buy two seats and I'd have the seat next to me open and they were both mine. I had never heard that, so I was like, 'Woah.'"

Van Dam noted that he eventually talked to fellow WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio about it and learned that he had a similar experience. Mysterio also encountered people wanting to sit in the seat next to him because of his stature, but they both had to tell people that the extra seat was not to be sat in because they paid for it and were entitled to it remaining empty.

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