Why WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis Says Competition Is 'Best For Business'

"Competition is best for business" is the motto that new "WWE SmackDown" General Manager Nick Aldis has adopted upon taking control of the Friday night brand. But don't expect it to be of the friendly sort, as Aldis has his sights set on surpassing "WWE Raw" and whatever fellow GM Adam Pearce is putting together on Monday evenings.

"I think maybe he got a little bit comfortable," Aldis said about Pearce on "WWE's The Bump." "I think he's done a very, very good job — but I think you've seen in the last couple of weeks the man is unhinged."

Pearce has been dealing with a plenty of conflict due to the ongoing rivalry between The Judgment Day and their upcoming WarGames opponents. While Aldis has a bit of sympathy for Pearce being caught in the middle of such an emotionally charged situation, the Englishman thinks he's living rent-free in Pearce's head right now, only making matters worse on "Raw."

"I think there's a little thing gnawing at the back of his head, too," he said. "This idea that there's this new face in WWE, and it's slightly competing with him for some of that oxygen at the executive level. I think the man is rattled, I'm just going to go out and say it. So far, I'd like to think that I've been fairly cool — cool, calm, and collected."

But Aldis seems driven by the competition between brands to make sure Friday nights contain the best wrestling that can possibly be offered. "That's really my mission statement — to bring absolute money match-ups to the WWE Universe at the right time on behalf of the blue brand, the No. 1 brand: 'SmackDown,'" he said.

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