Brie & Nikki Garcia, Former Bella Twins, On 'Not Seeing Eye-To-Eye Any More' With WWE

The thought of The Garcia Twins, formerly known as The Bellas, no longer operating under the WWE umbrella is still unfathomable to some, considering their long-standing association with the promotion. Now that Nikki and Brie have moved on to the next chapter of their careers, they have opened up about the circumstances that led to their departure from WWE.

Speaking with People, the twins revealed that they exited because they got to a point where they "just didn't feel energetically aligned anymore with the WWE." The Garcias further revealed that they began contemplating their WWE departure nearly a year before their contracts ended, recalling a moment when they looked at each other and knew it was time to move on — without so much as uttering a word. "There was a moment where her and I looked at each other and kind of felt, 'You know what? We're all not seeing eye-to-eye anymore,'" Nikki recalled. "We didn't even have to say it, we could just look at each other and feel it."

Another part of their reasoning to leave WWE? Creative freedom — a privilege that several others have previously sought after cutting ties with WWE. "We get sad at times to not be a part of what the women are doing over there, and we will always support our women of the WWE, but it's been amazing to be in meetings or have these opportunities and be able to say 'Yes' or 'No' for yourself, and not to have to go and ask, 'Hey, we really want to do this opportunity, can we?'" Nikki explained. "We're in this place of reclaiming our power and making our own decisions and not having to ask permission. It's crazy to feel that at 39." As part of their journey to "reclaiming power," The Garcias will host Prime Video's new "Twin Love" reality dating series, which premiered Friday, November 17.