What Booker T Wants To See Out Of WWE NXT Star Lexis King

Booker T is admittedly having a blast mentoring WWE's next crop of superstars at "WWE NXT," where he calls the action on a weekly basis. On "The Hall of Fame," Booker was asked if he had any specific advice for Lexis King, son of the late Brian Pillman, who made his in-ring debut at the recent Halloween Havoc television special.  


"I just need him to lose eight pounds," Booker said of King. "Just because television makes him look a little bigger in the wrong areas. I'll work with him on that ... make sure you get your jackets tapered, and stuff like that. It's little, bitty things. That's just me looking at it from an entertainment perspective. One thing about wrestling is, it's like an eye-catching business. You see things out of place like that when a wrestler is walking down the aisle, especially these days because the fans are so smart or at least want to be. So, you want to be on point when you're working in front of people."

Booker then gave his stamp of approval to King, expressing confidence that the second-generation wrestler would "be aight" and "will get there" if he continued to put in the work. The WWE Hall of Famer urged King to take his criticism in stride rather than being put off by it, stressing that not too many people will tell him things he doesn't want to hear. "It's a sink-or-swim type of business," Booker admitted. "If you fail, you just fail, man. That's on you. Not too many people are gonna tell you your weaknesses." Booker realizes his advice could be perceived as "body-shaming," especially if directed at women, but he only aspires to help his younger peers. "Damn it! A few of y'all need to lose six to eight pounds out there. Not saying any names!"