Booker T Reacts To WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Opening Up About Addiction

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has offered his thoughts on Kurt Angle's recent admissions over his issues with substance abuse and addiction. Angle only recently described how he first got addicted to prescription painkillers, winding up paying $7,000 a month just to keep topped up. Booker T addressed the matter during his "Hall of Fame" podcast. 

"That's some deep stuff, man, I can't even imagine... that's $84,000 a year," he exclaimed before praising Angle's candidness to the fact, "That's something that young people really need to hear, though, man, so I appreciate Kurt Angle for being able to share those experiences. Because if these young guys don't hear it, they can fall right into that rabbit hole." 

Booker T admired Angle's honesty on the matter, especially considering the infallibility that can be expected from those who idolize athletes like him. He later said that he understood the pain his colleague would have gone through, too, given his own experience with injuries and having seen Marcus "Buff" Bagwell's own ordeal after breaking his neck. Booker said that for his own injuries, he always had the mentality that painkillers were too good to be true, and would try his best to stay away from them.

"I've had my knee scoped a couple of times, and the first thing they do is prescribe you some powerful stuff, man," he said, "I tell you, every time I've had surgery, I would not even finish the bottle. Just because I did not want to go down that rabbit hole. I said, 'I rather feel the pain.'"

If you or anyone you know needs help with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).